6 minutes | Jun 20, 2019

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. More and more individuals and brands are turning to video as a medium to create powerful content to reach out the their audience. As per a report, by 2022, 75% of the global internet bandwidth would be dominated by video viewing. Facebook, Google (YouTube), LinkedIn and other social media channels are giving a lot of importance to video content.

YouTube is the biggest video platform out there. Hence, if you are getting into creating & producing videos, you need to leverage this platform. To ensure that your video content reaches out to the right audience, you need to optimize the video for search engines. How do you go about YouTube SEO?

1. Title of the video: Use your focus keyword in the video title, preferably at the start of the title. YouTube & Google looks at title of your video to see whether the keywords used match the search query of a user (either on YouTube or on Google).

2. Video description: You need to have at least 2 to 3 paragraphs of description for your video. While writing your video description, you can include your focus keyword and other related keywords. To quickly find related or semantically connected (LSI) keywords, you can simply type in your focus keyword in Google and scroll all the way down to find related searches. Use these search terms in your video description. Also, include links to other social media channels and a link to a relevant page on your website. Having the right call to actions in your video description will get you referral traffic from YouTube.

3. Tags: Tags are used by YouTube's algorithm to understand what the video is about. You can use at least 10-15 keywords related to the core video topic as tags for the video. For e.g. "SEO", "Search Engine Optimization", "Video SEO", "YouTube SEO", "Search Engine Marketing" are all valid keywords / tags for a video on Search Engine Optimization.

4. Annotations / YouTube cards: YouTube has launched cards for channels that have a minimum of 10k views. Cards allow you to associate a title, image and a call to action (hyperlink) to an external website. In order to build links from your YouTube channel, you need to properly annotate videos and use cards with relevant call to actions.

5. End Screen: Although having an end screen is not a big ranking factor for videos on YouTube, you should have one to get more viewers to subscribe to your channel / visit your website. As more and more people subscribe to your channel, your viewership will rise and overall your videos may get a boost in rankings in YouTube / Google searches.

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