9 minutes | Sep 24, 2019

What is moment marketing and how to do it well

Digital marketing is always evolving and moment marketing is something that has come to the fore in recent years. Across channels, your ads need to take current events into consideration. What is moment marketing? It is a means of connecting with viewers both online and offline. Moment marketing is creating campaigns that embrace the moment and cater to current events - you’re far more likely to reach your target audience. We all know that topical trends and events or moments that attract public attention result in countless conversations and innumerable interactions. Examples of moment marketing Oreo’s ‘Dunk in the Dark’ tweet Superdome in New Orleans faced a 34-minute power outage during the Super Bowl 2013; Oreo latched on to this moment and promptly came up with the tweet. Till date, the "You can dunk in the dark" tweet has 14.4K Retweets and 6.8K Likes Fevicol - I want those elephants For a scene from the series finale of a popular TV Show - Game Of Thrones - Fevicol was quick to latch onto the trend. Manforce Condoms Sunny on our mind. #SunnyLeone #TheNationKnows #ManforceCondoms #sunny Dear Arnab, we understand she is on your mind as well Amul, a dairy brand, has always been the leader when it comes to ‘moment marketing’. The Amul girl has always been topical and spoken to the country on various political and non-political developments in real time. Till date, Amul Girl amuses the Indian audiences with its phenomenal one liners nearly every day. Traditionally, when Amul started the movement, the brand largely used above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) mediums, however today, the needle has moved to digital platforms. Three easy steps to moment marketing 1. Look forward to a trend that is spreading like wild fire. Twitter Trends - WhatsApp Groups - Whats shared on your Facebook feed - Industry news sites (Social Samosa etc.) - Celebrities active on social media (Bottle cap challenge / Ice bucket challenge) 2. Create an interesting social media post. One communication / message - multiple formats as per channel : Instagram / Facebook. Tweet (copy) 3. Let the customers share it and let it be popular. Organic Reach of social media is low. You need to pay to play. Promote the moment marketing content you have created.    
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