29 minutes | Jul 21, 2020

Interview with John Vuong - Founder & President LocalSEOSearch.ca

As the owner of Local SEO Search since 2013, John's mission is to equip local business owners with the right products (websites), services (SEO) and knowledge to grow and expand to position these business owners as the industry thought leaders by being honest, transparent and having a strong will to succeed in business.   Here are some question I asked John:   1. What is your Why?  (Mission / Purpose / Goal in life)   2. What does a typical day look like for you?   3. Do you have a mentor / guru?  Are there any people you admire and learn from?   4. You have been in the Local SEO Search business for 7+ years. What are your learnings?   5. Give us 3 actionable tips for growing SEO traffic w.r.t local businesses   6. What is the most important skill to have as a Local SEO? Why?   7. Do you read books? Any recommendations?   8. What should folks who are starting out in Local SEO focus on?   9. What should businesses that are not yet online should focus on?   10. Giveaway to all podcast listeners                
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