39 minutes | Aug 5, 2020

Interview with Graham Brown - Host of the Asia Tech Podcast & CEO of Pikkal, a B2B Podcast Agency

I had a candid conversation with Graham Brown - Host of the Asia Tech Podcast & CEO of Pikkal, a B2B Podcast Agency We spoke about Graham's Podcasting journey How podcasting has evolved How Graham landed a podcast interview with Tony Fernandes, CEO of Air Asia. Graham's story of starting a B2B podcasting agency - Pikkal Why today's leaders need to start a podcast - How can companies & leaders benefit from Podcasting Graham's favorite podcasts What does a typical day in Graham's life look like and his idea of work-life balance. Graham's singular goal / mission in life - What's his goal & vision Graham's outlook on the podcasting industry in Asia What you should know before starting a Podcast ------------- Who is Mandar Marathe and why should you listen to him in 2020? I am a software engineer turned digital marketing consultant, owner of a specialized Startup & SME Digital Marketing agency -Briefkase, a professor of Digital Marketing at some of the top B-schools in India including IIT Bombay, Great Lakes & IIM Sirmaur. I am a cricket traggic, a father to a son and a daughter and husband to a superwoman doctor. My mission is to help 1 Lac business owners, marketers & business owners become better with Digital Marketing. Know more about me: https://mandarmarathe.net/digital-marketing-consultant/ FREE Webinars My free "Digital Traveler" webinar on digital marketing strategy: https://mandarmarathe.net/dt/ My free webinar on "How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn": https://mandarmarathe.net/linkedin/ Digital Courses Personal branding & lead generation on LinkedIn course - My Winning with LinkedIn: https://mandarmarathe.net/linkedin-growth/ How to build your Winning Website in a Week WhatsApp class: https://mandarmarathe.net/www/ Podcast All episodes of The Digital Marketing Podcast https://mandarmarathe.net/the-digital-marketing-podcast/
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