9 minutes | Jun 23, 2019

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the most used professional networking platform. After the acquisition by Microsoft, they have put more emphasis on content creation and also getting influencer's to contribute with more content on LinkedIn. How do you make the most out of LinkedIn ? By having an optimized LinkedIn profile.

1. Research Keywords for LinkedIn: If you need to get other professionals to view your profile, you need to use relevant keywords in your profile information. For e.g. if you are working at a digital marketing agency, then you need to identify 5-10 keywords related to your business and use these in your headline, summary and other sections of your profile. By including relevant keywords, your profile views will increase for searches related to your industry and you will get more connections / business.

2. Professional Image, cover photo Use a professional image for your profile photo and a professional background as your cover photo. People form a first impression about you by looking at your profile photo. It is important that you keep it professional.

3. Headline The headline is the first line that someone sees when they visit your profile. Make sure you include your current work profile and your top skills in your headline. For e.g. you can have a look at my headline here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mandarmarathe/

4. Summary Section The summary section follows your headline. Here you need to have a complete About Me section. You need to include information on what do you do and how you help others achieve success. Also use relevant videos, presentations, and photos as a part of media uploads. These are also a part of the summary section.

5. Contact Information Include all contact information so that your network can reach out to you. Have relevant links to your website, an email address, phone number that is publicly visible to your contacts, link to Twitter bio, and Instant Messenger ID. I have included my Skype ID on my profile.

6. Custom URL On the top right of your profile, you can choose edit profile and choose a custom URL. This custom URL can then be used in your email signature and on other social networks.

7. Import your connections Your LinkedIn profile is as powerful as the connections you have. Import all your email connections by connecting your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or any other email account. LinkedIn will import your email database and send out connection requests to all on your behalf.

8. Add Skills Add relevant skills to your profile. Focus on your strong suite. Get endorsed by your co-workers and past colleagues for the skills you have acquired over time.

9. Add accomplishments LinkedIn is the right platform to showcase your accomplishments. Update all your publications (blogs and articles published on websites), test Scores, certifcations, languages that you know, your current projects, patents, honors & awards.

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