23 minutes | May 13, 2019

Bill Slawski Interview on SEO & AEO

Today we have with us Bill Slawski. For those in SEO, he needs no introduction. Bill writes about Search rankings and algorithms at SEObytheSea.com and is the Director of SEO Research for Go Fish Digital, where he helps guide clients on award-winning industry campaigns involving Named Entities, Structured Data and Semantic Search. Bill has spoken at various industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies (SES), Search Marketing Expo (SMX) and SearchLove. Bill is my first guest on The Digital Marketing Podcast and its a true honor to have him on the show! 

Questions for Bill Slawski

(You have to listen to the podcast for the answers!)


 1. For those who are unaware, Bill has worked for the highest level trial Court in Delaware, Superior Court of Delaware, for 14 years as a court manager and administrator. This was in the 90's. So Bill, how did you make the switch from the legal profession to SEO? 

2. How has Google changed over the years? How do you stay at the cutting edge of SEO? 

3. Is there a process you follow to evaluate patents filed by Google?

4. Can a website today rank using the brute force of content i.e. create pages based on user intent and write comprehensive content (8k-10k words) on a topic to build contextual / content clusters? Is link building dead?  

5. Is task completion rate measured by Google as a ranking factor? If yes, could you throw some light on how Google is measuring this?

6. What are the implications of voice? Let's say we have optimized our website for long tail queries. What are the top things that businesses, small and large need to address holistically to benefit in a voice world? 

7. On a lighter note, do you find time beyond your work? Do you read other blogs or books? What books / blogs would you recommend? 8. What would be the career advice you would offer to someone who wants to start in SEO?

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