30 minutes | Jul 22, 2020

Your Next Conference is Virtual

Episode 5 Before the pandemic, a virtual event or live streaming a conference was a convenience – almost an accommodation for those who could not be there in person. But is virtual the new reality? Has consumerization put the possibility of a conducting a live conference into the hands of everyone? Charlie and Frank discuss this paradigm shift and the sociological and technological shifts that have made virtual the new reality. And relating an ongoing theme of the customer experience, Charlie and Frank discuss how both Snap and Apple address the social issues of the day and connected with their customers in ways that are authentic. And finally, is it possible to put “context to context?” Companies like Decooda are assembling what they call a ‘common sense’ knowledgebase in which they create organization-specific context to understand the customer signals — effectively harvesting the ‘tribal knowledge’ that exists within a company. Articles mentioned: Snap just Topped Job's Keynotes Apple's World Wide Developers Conference 2020 The Future of Keynotes? Companies discussed: Decooda
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