33 minutes | Aug 5, 2020

The Productivity Pickle

Episode 7 How is our perspective of productivity changed in the Digital Age?  Productivity used to be measured in “output,” but in the Digital Age, should we be measuring it differently?  And where does the human fit in this new equation? Charlie and Frank discuss these issues with Frank Wander, Founder and CEO of PeopleProductive.  The discussion focuses on the human “input” side of the productivity equation rather than the product “output” side.  If people and their input is the new measurement of productivity, how do we ensure people are as efficient as possible to launch their imagination and creativity? Charlie and Frank examine a company called Clockwise, which is a calendaring program that automatically works with the collaborative calendars to shift meetings around based on priority and importance to clear time for focused time.   Guest: Frank Wander Articles mentioned: Are Companies More Productive in a Pandemic? Companies discussed: Clockwise
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