23 minutes | Jul 8, 2020

The Empathy Economy

Episode 3 Last week Charlie and Frank pointed out that all companies must now be aware of social issues their customers believe in.  This means being more engaged on social media.  But how far does one go?  Is everyone a “social company?”  This week Charlie and Frank discuss how Twitter, Facebook, and Nike are each showing how their brands engage in social action. Are we driving to more empathy for customers?  Several technology companies show how they are moving power and intelligence closer to the point of engagement.  By giving front-line workers the ability to manage and automate business processes, could power be shifting away from the company ‘core’ to the customer-facing edge? Articles mentioned: Twitter Flags Trump's Tweets Hollywood Support of Black Lives Matter Movement Nike Embracing Controversy And Deepening Customer Relationships Companies discussed: Kissflow Cogito
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