26 minutes | Jul 29, 2020

Double-clicking on Resiliency

Episode 6 In an agile Digital economy, is it more important to be resilient or more important to have good business continuity?  Or is this a “false equivalency” where both are needed? Charlie and Frank discuss the concept of “Adaptive BC” where Adaptive Continuity leads to resiliency by drawing on advances in Agile project management and lean process improvement.  But how much improvement is necessary?  Should we optimize or “satisfice?” Charlie and Frank also discuss a company called iGrafx, who although have been supporting process optimization for several decades, are not locked into the past and tied to what they have always done.  The product continues to evolve, but what is most interesting is that there’s a realization that it’s more about how you use the tool than anything else. Articles mentioned: Adaptive BC Manifesto 10 Principles Handout Companies discussed: iGrafx
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