38 minutes | Mar 26th 2020

How To Stay Focused & Motivated During Uncertain & Tough Times| Road To Kanza

The last few weeks and days have been pretty crazy with all things coronavirus. There is so much uncertainty these days. You get bombarded with negative news pretty much every hour, your plans and routines are changed, races are cancelled or postponed You feel stressed out, overwhelmend and anxious. I know I am Personally,my training for the Dirty Kanza, this 200-mile gravel bike ride that ‘s supposed to take in May, has been less than perfect during the last 2 weeks That’s why I wanted to reach out to my coach Addie Bracy to get advice on how to cope with times like these, how to stay focused, how to put things in perspective, how to keep training. On this conversation, Addie shares really good advice on how to make the best out of uncertain and tough times, like the ones we are living right now. My 2 favorite parts of this conversation are probably when she says that it’s important to acknowledge how you feel right now. It’s ok to be frustrated, it’s ok to be intimidated, but then you need to take action from there. And the other par is when she say that these are times to CHALLENGE YOURSELF
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