19 minutes | Nov 26, 2020

Finding Gratitude with T1D

When we think about T1D, our thoughts usually go to the negative. But, have you ever considered what type 1 diabetes (T1D) has brought to your life that you are grateful for?

Research shows that gratitude increases happiness and reduces stress and depression – which can help everyone with T1D. We focus so much on the challenges of living with T1D that often we don’t even notice the positives that can come from it.

In this episode, we talk about how practicing gratitude can help you create a sense of balance and peace with type 1 diabetes. Finding gratitude with T1D does not mean ignoring the challenges. It means seeing that diabetes comes with positives and negatives and that these things can exist at the same time.

Dr. Mark will guide you through a 4-step process to help you find gratitude in your life with T1D.

Step #1: Be open to the possibility there are things about T1D you can be grateful for.

Step #2: Be intentional about looking for things to be grateful for.

Step #3: Be specific about what you are grateful for. Find something that happened today, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Step #4: Keep a T1D gratitude journal that you can refer back to.

Check out this blog post for more tips on finding gratitude with T1D:  https://thediabetespsychologist.com/gratitude-with-t1d/

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