51 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

How to Friendship with Shasta Nelson

Shasta Nelson is a friendship expert and is here to share how to deepen friendships so we can reach our goals. She shares the 3 things that need to be present to build friendship and her definition of friendship. In this episode, you'll get the strategies you need to combat loneliness, guidance on where to get started when you want to deepen your friendships, and how you can feel more connected, seen, and loved.And won't THAT help you reach your goals? Arthur shares a bit about his workout routine and you'll hear about Dia's friendship circle and how they help her reach her goals even though they don't give a sh*t about them. Call us! leave us a question or tell us about how you've cultivated friendships you love and what they've meant to you. You can even give a shout-out to your besty on the show so everyone feels the love. Just dial 341-333-2997. Or email us at hello@diabondi.comVisit Shasta Nelson's site at ShastaNelson.comTake Shasta's Frientimacy QuizGet her newest book The Business of Friendship. 
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