74 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Super Storms, Mathematical Modeling, and Hurricane Hunting with Dr. Jeff Masters

With storms named Gamma and Delta making their way to US shores – we really couldn’t have timed this release better from a hurricane-content-meets-alts-investment podcast; it’s the: perfect storm (buh-dum-ch). Today’s guest is creator of Weather Underground and the Cat 6 blog, a person who has flown through an actual hurricane, and a whiz at modeling weather data in a way that us non-meteorologists can understand – Dr. Jeff Masters. In today’s podcast we’re talking with Jeff about hedging commodities based on storms, water futures contracts, the Cat 6 blog, historical context of extreme weather events, the transformation of weather modeling, heat output dissipating from WFH, fat tails based on 1-in-100-year events, economic fragility around climate change, hurricane Hugo, weather data inputs that matter, starting weather underground, Jeff’s upcoming book Eye of the Superstorm, hedge fund world catastrophe bonds, Jeff’s most dangerous storm experience, and the impact of COVID on weather modeling.

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00:00-01:29 = Intro

01:30-20:35 = Background, “The Final Flight”, & Weather Underground

20:36-32:19 = Building Weather Models

32:20-57:35 = Storm Financial Impacts, Catastrophic Bonds & Fat Tails ( It’s a complex system)

57:36-1:04:10 = Water Shortages & What We Need to Do

1:04:11-1:14:02 = Favorites

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