73 minutes | Sep 24th 2020

Sequencing, Skew, and (Option) Strikes with Hari Krishnan

We’re joined by option guru and author of ‘The Second Leg Down’ in this episode to talk through the real-time test of market crashes and volatility dynamics we’ve witnessed since February. Is our guest’s theory on volatility sequencing proving its worth in this environment of bigger VIX spikes, oil going negative, and retail trader flow? Hari Krishnan has all the insight on how to survive during volatile periods. Our conversation with Hari also includes: hobby jogging marathoning, basic income options trading checks, gamma driving prices, San Sebastian, selling unlimited retail, the gamma phenomenon, window dressing/skew/& monetization inside Hari’s strategies, Hari Krishnan cult movement, the new effects of VIX spikes, a broken fly, chaos theory,  panic options trading, if we actually saw a second leg, option selling accessibility for everyone, the temptation of selling options, hedge funds bailing on office real estate, fractals, and market crisis in stages rather than single events.


00:00-02:01 = Intro

02:02-17:24 = Background

17:25-36:34 = The Rotation of Hedges

36:35-54:13 = Real-time Thesis Test & Broken Fly’s

54:14-1:07:44 = Is This the Golden Age of Options?

1:07:45-1:12:45 = Favorites

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