49 minutes | Nov 5th 2020

No President Yet, So Market Rallies Huge What ^%$#?

Votes are being counted, CNN and Fox are on 24-hour reporting cycles, and Tweets/FB Posts/Texts are still being sent out at lightening speeds. What happens if a winner isn’t announced for 2 or more days? What happens if President Trump remains in power? What happens if former Vice President Joe Biden takes over as POTUS? In today’s U.S. Election – What^%$# Episode we’re joined by Matt LaViolette, Founder & Principle at Breakout Funds, and Kris Sidial, Vice President at Ambrus Group talking about avoiding blue waves, election shell shock events, and volatility rallies.


00:00-01:40 = Intro

01:41-21:23 = Backgrounds, Avoiding Blue Waves & Possible Shell-Shock Effects

21:24-35:38 = Are We in a World When Vol Rallies? Reflation? and Thoughts on Energy

35:39-49:09 = The Fed, Are They Out of Bullets? + Final Thoughts & Shocks

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