86 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

Cover to Trend Legends Cover with Michael Covel

It’s hard to get too far into the words Trend Following without running into the name Michael Covel. If you’ve ever looked into the strategy type, his name is there. From speeches to his many books, the aptly named Trend Following Radio and his trend following twitter thread, Michael has been digging into the philosophy and people in and around trend following for nearly 24 years. And as our guest on today’s pod, we cover a large span of topics including: living in Vietnam, first COVID flight, market wizard to turtle traders, the Jerry Parker inspiration, great stories from legends like David Harding, Tom Basso, Ed Seykota, Mike Shannon; history of turtle trading, Michael’s array of trend books, Trend Following Radio, all-start guests, the different (unfair) standard for managed futures and trend following, trend following battles, what’s what of trend following, long vs short term trend following, the Chinese and Vietnamese markets, and becoming an investment personality. Chapters: 00:00-2:39 = Intro 02:40-10:56 = A life Abroad 10:57-26:19 = Move to Trend Following & Successful Author 26:20-46:39 = Legendary Stories 46:40-01:02:01 = Drawdowns & Figuring out the Philosophy 01:02:02-01:08:33 = What’s the Asia Investor Mentality? 01:08:34-01:12:49 = How New Managers can Navigate the Social Media World 01:12:50-01:26:20 = Favorites From the episode: The Whipsaw Song – Ed Seykota Get updates on Michael and his work by listening to Trend Following Radio, following him on Twitter and checking out his website.  Order his books: Trend Following, The Complete Turtle Trader, Trend Commandments, and The Little Book of Trading.  And last but not least, don't forget to subscribe to The Derivative, and follow us on Twitter, or LinkedIn, and Facebook, and sign-up for our blog digest. Disclaimer: This podcast is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal, business, or tax advice. All opinions expressed by podcast participants are solely their own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RCM Alternatives, their affiliates, or companies featured. Due to industry regulations, participants on this podcast are instructed not to make specific trade recommendations, nor reference past or potential profits. And listeners are reminded that managed futures, commodity trading, and other alternative investments are complex and carry a risk of substantial losses. As such, they are not suitable for all investors. For more information, visit www.rcmalternatives.com/disclaimer
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