70 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

A Professor, Prop Trader, & Risk Manager walk into a bar, with Victor Canto

The “bar” we walk into in this episode is one that specializes in blending the unique flavors of beta and alpha, and our mixologists are Victor Canto, Chief Economist of Cadhina & Co, and Donn Stobierski & Jim Kleinops, the Founders and Managing Members at Black Bear Capital Advisors joining us to talk about convexity and rebounds, and adding equity to global macro. Today’s podcast delves into the Dominican Republic, the secret sauce behind how the tail works, the ability to stick with your beta, convexity risk profiles, Paso Fino horses, diversifiable risk, nimble strats taking advantage of regulations, US bonds going negative, modeling based on the election, a world defined by liquid assets, commodity trend inflation hedge, the poor man’s tail risk, the Boilermakers, volatility-based weighting, and the cost of risk mitigation.


00:00-01:39 = Intro

01:40-14:39 = Background

14:40-34:00 = A Unique Investment Strategy

34:01-49:01 = What's responsible for the movement?

49:02-1:02:47 = The upcoming election & Sizing Volatility

1:02:48-1:10:05 = Favorites

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