73 minutes | Oct 13th 2015

How to ask for a Google Review with Bob Sommers (DHP70)

Everyone wants reviews in Google, Yelp and all the rest. And everyone always says, "the best way to get reviews on Google is to ask for them." Sure. Sounds great, but how do you do it? Who should ask? When do you ask?

Bob Sommers from bestlocalreviews.com created the "5 Star Review System." He knows the best way to ask for reviews. He has research to back up his claims. And he tells you exactly how to ask. In our interview with Bob Sommers we do a deep dive on how reviews work and the very best way to get them.

In our Brain Trust segment we talk about all the different ways think about new patients. We spend a little time talking about what we consider a "new patient." Is a patient that enters your practice as an emergency a "new patient?" Or are new patients only the ones who allow you to do a comprehensive exam? Listen to perennial favorites Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Melissa Zettler and Dr. Lance Timmerman as they weigh in on what constitutes a new patient.

Go Hack Yourself:

Fujitsu Scansnap scanner

Logitech MX master mouse

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