25 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

Episode 307: Making Money is Killing Your Business, with Chuck Blakeman

As we look ahead to 2021, we all reevaluate goals for our dental practices. Eventually, the thought process comes down to, How do we make more money?  But for serial entrepreneur Chuck Blakeman, he's here to tell you that making money should not be your number one priority. He's grown 12 businesses in 8 industries on 4 continents, and as he says, "the faster the business went, the more revenue, the higher success the business went, the lousier my life got."

Chuck Blakeman's Books:
Making Money is Killing Your Business
Why Employees are Always a Bad Idea

Chuck's Ted Talk, The Emerging Work World in the Participation Age

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The Dental Experience Podcast is hosted by Ryan Vet and is edited by Earfluence.

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