37 minutes | Sep 4, 2016

Episode 9 - Metal Gear SHIT Experience, PS Now goes PC, Xbox One Loyalty Contract, War Dogs Review, Kingsglaive Review

This week, starting with our very own Audio Engineer, Ryan, starting the episode! Adam and Danny come back this week from a 2 week hiatus from finding themselves and answering the age old question, does awkward silence get edited out from podcasts? Not in this one it doesn't. This week the boys talk about the Konami Cash Grab "Metal Gear Definitive experience", how Playstation Now is now available on PC, Microsoft's Loyalty contract with third party video games, we review both War Dogs and Kingsglaive movies and much more! If you haven't already, call in and leave us a voice mail at (408) 909-8082Follow us for news and updates on what we are working on:Instagram: @dementiastudiosTwitter: @dementiastudioClick to view: show page on Awesound
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