62 minutes | Nov 8, 2016

Episode 17 - Halloween Stories, Gil's Reckoning, Big Video Game Discussions, The Dawn of the Dead Indie Zombie Directors, Quentin Tarantino's Retirement, Pixar's "Not-For-Kids" Movie, Google Pixle and More

The Boys come to you and bring spooky dookie stories of their Halloween night filled with many much treats. (that was on purpose.) Finally, teachers and schools got together and finally said, we are gettng a shit load of money by the government to teach these kids; but fuck it, lets throw em' at minecraft." Mmmmm, we love the smell of wasted tax dollars used for teacher salaries burning. Nintendo does what they should have done years ago and stopped the production of the Wii-U. Call of Duty decides to shit on their audience even more by finally adding their game to stores.....yep. (and something about perma-death in the story too). Rumors of the latest Tomb Raider game are on our show FIRST! (probably) we discuss The Last of Us as remastered 4K version that will come out as a free upload and even more on video games! The Dawn of the Dead Director takes arms against the current world of zombie lovers who are shitting over indie zombie flicks. We find out Tarantino wants to stop making gold. Apparently Pixar is making a Big Boy movie and we go into it. Check out the episode, there is so much more that this summary can't cover! Tell us what you think in out Voicemail.Click to view: show page on Awesound
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