46 minutes | Oct 14, 2014

The Dead Watchers Podcast Episode 025 “No Sanctuary”

We are back and ready to go for this brand spanking new episode of The Dead Watchers. Penguin easter egg We all wondered what happened to Sam (Robin Lord Taylor) last season after Rick and Carol found the girl he was with dead.   Garreth Death? Does Rick let everyone know how they are going to kill off Garreth?   Negan The internet is abuzz today with speculation that Negan was shown on this episode. In the Flash back the guy that brought back the mother and then took the young girl looks like our most loved bad guy. Kirkman nips it in the butt saying it was the same guy that Glenn let out of the container with all the tattoos on his face.   Carol to the rescue Pretty much saves the group single handedly   The Cure? So im confused is the cure some nanobots or an actual virus that is supposed to target dead people. And is (insert doctor / weirdo) really expecting that there are going to be computers with powers to “flip the script” on?   Post Credits scene Page straight out of Marvel’s playbook. Scene shows Morgan is on his way to Terminus until he sees the no sanctuary sign. He then proceeds to follow carvings on some trees. News and Rumors   New Negan Hopeful Kevin Durand during a press conference about The Strain “I’ve had a lot of people with The Walking Dead talk to me, mentioned that they see me for a character named ‘Negan,’ but I haven’t read the comic.” I think its a good pick Episode 2 trailer
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