18 minutes | Jun 10, 2014

The Dead Watchers Podcast Episode 024 “All by Myself!”

Sorry if its too much rambling but it is what it is. Hope you enjoy the show!   Kirkman reveals his casting choice for Negan Kirkman has admitted that he 99% sure that Negan will be in the show at some point and here is who he would like Talking to MTV I think Jon Hamm would be perfect. I think after "Mad Men" has run, Jon Hamm is going to have a Tom Hanks level film career, so I don't think he'll be coming back to television anytime soon. Although that would be cool! To be fair the question asked was “Any chance you could snag Jon Hamm for the part?   New Character in Season 5 The Walking Dead might not be returning until October, but we're already hearing news that a new character will be introduced in Season 5 - and could be making his debut as early as Episode 1. Our gang may have been in a tight-spot when we last left them, but Rick and Co. are going to be recruiting as many people as possible in order to get revenge on those man-eating freaks who run Terminus. One of the allies we're most excited to meet is 17-year-old Burton. He may be young, but he's already suffered great tragedy when lost his leg. Luckily Burton does not let his disability keep him down, and his positivity is infectious to everyone else around him. During the season finale we heard screams coming from other containers so we know there are more captives at Terminus. It seems entirely likely that Rick and the rest of the gang would would come into contact with other victims of the Termites, so them joining forces is not beyond the realms of possibility. I wonder how Burton lost his leg though? To a walker attack? Or - more likely - was it skillfully removed by the Termites and thrown on the barbecue? Will Morgan return to the show? I think Morgan will be the one to help Rick and gang out of Terminus   Gabriel Stokes leaked images Leaked photo of the newest recruit, Seth Gilliam aka Father Gabriel Stokes Maybe the church the gang holes up in after getting out of Terminus Possibly the person that picked up Beth on the side of the road   Season 5 trailer will be soon According to Walking_News via Twitter Season 5 trailer will be released between July 23-27th
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