45 minutes | Apr 23, 2014

The Dead Watchers Podcast Episode 023 “Issues #6 – #10″

This week we are going to talk about issues #6-10 of The Walking Dead. Each week we are going to read a few issues and tell you what the differences are between the comics and the show.   Issue #6   Here is where we start to see the difference between the show and the comic. After the zombie attack on the camp and they bury Amy the group actually stays at the camp. Shane doesn’t want to leave because he is still holding out hope that the army is going to roll through and save the day. The tension between Shane and Rick is building. After an argument about leaving the camp, were Shane punches Rick and Lori hits Shane,  Shane storms off into the woods with Rick chasing after him. They argue about leaving the camp some more. Shane starts talking crazy about how he has no one in this world and that Rick took that away from him. While all this is going on Shane is pointing the shotgun at Rick. Towards the end of the argument Shane keeps saying “This is the only way” over and over. In my opinion implying that Rick has to die. Then out of nowhere BLAMMMM. Shane gets shot in the neck. Next panel, Carl holding a gun yelling “DONT HURT MY DADDY AGAIN!”   Issue#7   Issue starts off with Lori and Shane outside Atlanta when this all started and Shane kisses Lori and then they get their bump and grind on. We first meet Tyreese, his daughter Julie (not Sasha) and her boyfriend Chris on the side of the road while they are clearing cars off the road. Issue ends with Lori telling Rick that she is pregnant. Issue#8   So this whole pregnancy thing with Lori is happening right after they left the camp outside Atlanta, in the middle of winter and all before they get to the farm. Dale is bugging Rick on how the baby could be Shane's. Rick knows but doesn't want to think about it. The group finds Wilshire Estates subdivision. The place looks clear so they start clearing a couple houses for them to stay in that night and possibly a long time to follow (so they think) Andrea has been in a funk since Amy died but finding the house and everybody finally getting some privacy, leads to dale and Andrea hooking up. Snow starts to melt. The melting reveals an ominous sign. ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER Issue#9   The snow is melting and the zombies are thawing out. The group decides to search the houses to look for supply and liveable house for them to make a encampment out in. Rick goes back to the RV to get Tyreese a gun so he can
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