28 minutes | Apr 15, 2014

The Dead Watchers Podcast Episode 022 “The Epic retelling of the Beginning of the End”

Since the show is on hiatus for the distant future, we thought we would re-read the comics from the beginning and point out the differences between the show and the comics. Hope you all enjoy this and please I triple dog dare you to leave us any kind of feedback.   Alternate Shane Death scene told by the one and only Jon Bernthal. “The way that I wanted it to go down was that Rick was going to take his gun out, and he was going to throw it away and say, ‘I can’t kill you, brother. What do you want from me?’  And that would enrage Shane, and he would push him even further, saying worse and worse and worse stuff to him,” said Bernthal. Bernthal continued, “The point being that basically what I wanted to have happen was that I would rush him and force him to stab me. And then he would stab me, and I would fall on the ground. And when I reanimated, I would get up as a zombie. And since Rick threw his gun, when I’m approaching him as a zombie, he would pick up my gun, which was on the floor. And he would point it at me to shoot me. And he would just go click, click, and click. And my gun was empty. And then, Carl would have shot me. So Shane took Rick out there to make Rick shoot him to make him be man enough to raise his child. And to sort of infect his head and his psyche forever to put that on him. It’s the most selfish and selfless thing to do there.”   And in case you forgot how he originally died, here you go
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