31 minutes | Mar 11, 2014

The Dead Watchers Podcast Episode 018 “Alone”

On this Episode of the The Dead Watchers Podcast we talk about Episode 13 of The Walking Dead "Alone" AMC released upcoming show names Episode 14 “The Grove” After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to the way they used to be. Sounds like the group is finally going to meet up. Where they going to make their new home at? A Church? Episode 15 “Us” Survivors rely on brutality and faith. Scott Gimple admitted that the second half of Season 4 would stick closely to Kirkman’s comic book. Episode 15 and 16 will probably be “The Hunters” story line. In the comics the group finds a church for shelter. The church is close the hunters base. Episode 16 “A” - Season Finale Many paths collide: Rick faces sheer brutality: the group struggles to survive. Sounds like lays a beating of some magnitude on somebody, more than likely a hunter. Also “A” might reference Alexandria Safe-Zone. Norman Reedus has confirmed that the show will end on a high note. So maybe they get to the outskirts of Alexandria http://moviepilot.com/posts/2014/03/07/walking-dead-spoilers-rick-to-brutalize-the-hunters-1266998?lt_source=external,manual
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