21 minutes | Jan 14, 2014

The Dead Watchers Podcast Episode 010 “More Mid-Season Blues”

Viewer Comments From SoulBrotha in Atlanta “Hi, Guys; You're really helping out with my Walking Dead withdrawals.  Between your podcasts and the other DeadCasts online, and the New Year's Eve Marathon, the shakes are kinda going away. But I wanted to let you guys know you have THEE "HOTTEST" Walking Dead remix opening your podcast.  Hell; I'm gonna learn how to use Audasity just so I can turn it into a ring tone.  I've searched the internet and YouTube for other theme remixes and they're all lame.  I sometimes listen to your opening (Episode NINE!) over and over. Keep up the good job (but stop hocking lugies on air). SoulBrutha in Atlanta.” Sadly We did not make the Intro From a group called Royalty Free Music, They can be found on iTunes Might see a Familiar face Interview with David “The Governor” Morrissey “Something happened to him. I feel like a shady politician where I can’t confirm and I can’t deny anything. Certainly, bad things befell him at the end of the last episode but we just have to wait and see.” http://screencrush.com/the-walking-dead-spoilers-2014-governor-david-morrissey-return/?trackback=fbshare_top Comicbook.com is source for following topics 2 Daryl-centric episodes one episode they teased during the marathon on new years showing daryl and beth running from something and then them sleeping in a field. Probably going to do something like they did with the Governor. The Return of Carol She will apparently meet up with Tyreese, who is on the run with Lizzie, Mika and the rest of the kids. It's worth noting that Tyreese still hasn't found out that Carol killed Karen and David Who else is going to die before the season over? another character who will die before the end of Season 4. ComicBook.com says that "one of the main cast members who has not been killed in the comic book series will die during Season 4." Again, not confirmed, but that claim narrows down the possibilities a lot. http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/12/the-walking-dead-season-4b-daryl-centric-episodes-carols-return-and-a-surprising-death.html Will Negan appear this season? Negan doesn’t appear for 50 issues after the death of the Governor Robert Kirkman Talks to Entertainment Weekly "But I definitely do think there needs to be some kind of space from a Governor into a Negan. You have to have something of a break in there." "I wouldn't
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