45 minutes | May 10, 2020

Dead to Me S2 E3 & E4 Recap & After Show: What's in that freezer?

Judy continues to mourn Steve and expresses that she wants him to have a proper resting place. After rats scurry from under his temporary resting place in the freezer, Jen contemplates the best way to rid of the body. A sudden power outage on the hottest day of the year forces Jen and Judy to dispose of the body more quickly than anticipated; they decide to drive the body to the forest and bury it there. On the way back, they spend the night in a hotel and Jen tries to cheer Judy up while she's mourning the burial of Steve. They have a few drinks at the bar (and a good cry), and make the rest of the night a good one by letting loose on the dance floor. They return home to find that Henry's bird is dead; they bury it in the yard, and Judy mentally buries Steve with it. The episode ends with Charlie finds a car in the storage unit. Hosted by Courtez Kirkwood, Mia Brabham, Taylor Gates, and Simone Thomas
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