53 minutes | Sep 9, 2021

Why interest in graph databases and graph analytics are growing

In this episode of the Data Exchange, our special correspondent and editor Jenn Webb organized a mini-panel composed of myself and Paco Nathan, author, teacher, and founder of Derwen.ai, a boutique consulting firm specializing in Data, machine learning, and AI.  Of late, Paco has been doing a lot of work with graphs and as such he’s had to immerse himself in the world of graph data management technologies. This conversation is focused on what’s new with graph databases, and why there’s been a resurgence in interest in them. We also discuss use cases of graph databases, graph analytics, and graph neural networks. Subscribe: Apple • Android • Spotify • Stitcher • Google • RSS.Detailed show notes can be found on The Data Exchange web site.Subscribe to The Gradient Flow Newsletter.
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