74 minutes | Dec 20, 2018

@TinyAtlasQuarterly | Influencing Travel with Tiny Atlas Founder Emily Nathan

In this episode of the Darkroom podcast we spoke with Emily Nathan, founder and author of Tiny Atlas Quarterly, a photography-led magazine and creative agency. Sourcing work from dozens of artists, Emily has put together a new book called My Tiny Atlas, showcasing some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Her relentless work at Tiny Atlas Quarterly has garnered nearly 7,000,000 submissions to the #mytinyatlas feed, receiving press from people at places like Vogue and Refinery29. We also talk through what it takes to be a successful commercial photographer and the hustle that comes along with that lifestyle. Emily gives us a glimpse as to how she views her own work and its affects on how it influences travel for so many people. 

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