16 minutes | Aug 19, 2021

What if it was easy?

What if it was easy? Creating your IG content, planning a launch, writing an email sequence. What if you didn’t wait until you squeeze every single idea and possibility out of your brain? What if you hit publish next week? What if you sold Version 1 knowing that Version 2 could happen later?  Running a business online makes it so easy to complicate things. There are a million options for every aspect of your business from photo editing to landing pages to email platforms. Which means we often slow ourselves down, procrastinating until we give up or move on to the next shiny thing. So what if it was easy? What if you did the FINE version of the freebie or the webinar instead of procrastinating publishing forever because you’re trying to make it PERFECT. Recently I planned, created, and launched a challenge in TWO WEEKS. I let it be easy. I reminded myself that I’ll learn from this one and make it better next time. I hit publish even though I felt like I had more ideas to add. And my Essentials members...they’re LOVING IT. So what would happen if you did the easy version, the less stress version, the first iteration version and then let it fly? On this week’s episode we’re talking all about making this online business stuff EASIER. Give the episode a listen and then hop over to Instagram @xosarahmorgan and tell me...when was the last time you let it be easy EASY??
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