14 minutes | Sep 2, 2021

Does launching make you nervous?

When it comes to launching, women in my membership say things like: ➜ Telling my audience about what I created is scary. ➜ Setting a launch date is scary. ➜ Asking people to pay is scary. (especially if it’s more than you’ve ever asked for)  And usually instead of working through those issues and moving forward, we start to put in roadblocks.  ✘ I have a vacation coming up so I’ll launch after that. ✘ My birthday is in a few months - I’ll launch then. ✘ I was going to launch next month but now I want to add in this extra module so I’m going to wait a few more weeks. We make launching (and even announcing a launch) a big scary deal.  This week on the podcast we’re talking about reframing the way you think about launching and how to get past perfectionism, the what-ifs, and letting that first version fly so you can learn and make adjustments. Give it a listen and then find me on Instagram @xosarahmorgan and let’s discuss. Does launching make you nervous too? Do you find yourself holding back when you might not need to??
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