82 minutes | Feb 5, 2020

Who Is Comic Book Girl 19?

My guest, well, she gained online notoriety as Comic Book Girl 19, and is now rebranding herself simply as Danika. But she is one of those people who is smart, funny and interesting. And her job is being online. We met her at a Halloween party. Uh, my girlfriend and I were dressed as Taylor and Nova from planet of the apes. And we're sitting there judging everyone. And this kindly old nun approached us, and mentioned a mutual friend. And after talking to her for only a few minutes, we invited her on the podcast. The artist formerly known as Comic Book Girl 19, for your listening pleasure. For me. I'll be on tour with Bobcat Goldthwait this month. February 6th we will be in Atlanta once again, trying to show that almost killed us this time. So please come on out. For details on these and other exciting opportunities, go to DanaGould.com/events.
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