75 minutes | Jul 26, 2021

Wildfires Ruin Weed / Wine, Nobody Watches Netflix? 7.26.21

In episode 958, Jack and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by There Are No Girls On The Internet host Bridget Todd to discuss if Fox News can be sued for vaccine claims, music festivals, what Trump did with all that PAC money, wildfires, Neilsen rating, and more!


  1. Alabama Republican Gov. Ivey says 'start blaming the unvaccinated folks' for rise in Covid cases
  2. COVID-19 Will Definitely Be at Music Festivals This Year
  3. Donald Trump Is Keeping the Money
  4. 5 Things You Love That Will Be Screwed Over by Extreme Wildfires
  5. Nielsen to Reed Hastings: 'Gauge This'
  6. LISTEN: Ray's - Full Bush

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