42 minutes | Aug 11th 2020

What I Learned From My Foster Dad, with Jesse Simpson

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Jesse Simpson had a rough start in life and a different upbringing to most of us. 

At the age of 4, he and his brother were removed from their family due to neglect and abuse by their biological parents and grandparents. 

They were then moved to a foster home and taken in by an amazing couple who provided them with a second chance in life. 

Jesse is now about to turn 21 and studying biomedicine at Melbourne University. He still lives with his foster parents, along with his biological brother and 4 foster siblings.

In this interview, Jess tells his story of growing up in a foster home and shares a very powerful lesson that he learned from his foster dad. 

Jesse's story shows that everyone can teach us something and that we learn lessons from both the positive and negative role models in our lives. 

What you’ll learn

  • Jesse’s childhood experience of abuse and neglect
  • How he took on a protector role for his younger sibling 
  • What it was like moving to a foster home
  • The incredible influence his foster parents have had on his life
  • The most valuable lesson his foster dad ever taught him
  • The important role and responsibility of a father figure
  • How young people talk about mental health these days
  • Jesse’s thoughts on the Foster Care System
  • Jesse’s work as an ambassador for The Homestretch Campaign

More information

Show notes available at https://thedadtrain.com/21 

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