43 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

Raising Lions, with Joe Newman

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Joe Newman is the author of Raising Lions and he specialises in helping parents manage strong-willed children.

These are the kids who are often labelled as ‘problem children’. But Joe calls them Lions and he can identify with them because he was one of them.

Growing up with ADHD in the 1970s, he was lead to believe there was something wrong with him. But after leaving school, he learned to embrace his personality and has dedicated his life to helping children who are just like him.

He works with parents, teachers and therapists to help children overcome behaviour problems without undermining their confidence and individuality.

In this interview, Joe explains the Raising Lions Method and describes how it can be applied to everyday parenting challenges such as managing tantrums, setting boundaries, administering time-outs and teaching delayed gratification.

What you'll learn

  • Joe’s childhood experience having ADHD in the 1970s
  • How he started working with difficult kids in schools and summer camps 
  • How cultural change has influenced parenting styles
  • Why so many kids are diagnosed with ADHD and other ‘behavioural disorders’
  • How to spot a lion
  • What is “the raising lions” method?
  • How to do time-outs the right way
  • How to deal with tantrums
  • How to develop confident, independent kids who also understand boundaries

More information
Full show notes with references are available at https://thedadtrain.com/15 

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