24 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

The Pragmatic CISO: How to Get Results in Cyber Risk Management

What does it mean to be a pragmatic healthcare CISO and how does that differ from pursuing more idealistic, and perhaps unattainable, cybersecurity strategies?   Join us for this episode of The CyberPHIx as we speak with Mitch Parker, CISO at Indiana University Health. We tap into Mitch’s decades of operational security experience to find out what really works when implementing cybersecurity and compliance programs for healthcare entities. Highlights of the discussion include: Differentiating pragmatic vs. idealistic security leaders and programs Realistic and achievable thresholds for typical security domains including vulnerability management, medical device security, phishing protections, and more How to identify projects that may not yield expected returns on investment Customer service-oriented cybersecurity approaches Effective techniques for relationship building and stakeholder management
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