33 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

SolarWinds & Weak Links in the Healthcare Supply Chain

A groundbreaking cyberattack against the SolarWinds IT and network solutions provider has resulted in unauthorized access to a wide range of government and private sector organizations.

The extent, scale, and impact of the attack are still being assessed; however, initial indications are that the attack will have lasting security impacts for months and possibly years to come for organizations, including healthcare entities.

In this episode of The CyberPHIx, we speak with Devon Wijesinghe, Chief Transformation Officer at CORL Technologies, a tech-enabled managed services company dedicated to vendor risk management for the healthcare industry. Devon is an acclaimed innovator and leader in the data industry, with extensive experience transforming tech-enabled service organizations into on-demand SaaS platforms to solve big problems, including third-party vendor risk.

Devon discusses the recent SolarWinds supply chain attack and its implications for healthcare organizations and the management of third-party vendor risk more broadly in 2021 and beyond.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • A brief overview of the SolarWinds attack and its impact on healthcare
  • Leveraging risk data to improve risk decisions and investments in third-party risk management for healthcare entities
  • Comparable vendors to SolarWinds and the potential for other similar attacks to the supply chain going forward
  • Trends in attack methods and motives of malicious actors
  • Solutions for tackling supply chain risks including technology automation, people, and process
  • Common pitfalls for vendor risk management programs
  • The future of supply chain risk management in healthcare and innovations underway in the marketplace to scale to address this challenge
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