35 minutes | Nov 30, 2020

Farewell 2020 and Hello to a New Decade of Healthcare Cyber Risks

Join us for a very special episode of The CyberPHIx, where we take a look back at the major themes in healthcare cyber risk in the wild year that was 2020 - and also look forward toward trends and predictions for 2021 and the next decade of security, privacy, and risk management challenges for healthcare entities.

Listen in as CyberPHIx host Brian Selfridge explores a Top 10 list of healthcare cybersecurity, privacy and risk themes for 2020-2021 while outlining major trends and predictions for our industry heading into the new year.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  1. Healthcare shifts its focus toward patient safety and operational impacts of cyber events
  2. Remote is the new normal: security and privacy impacts for adoption of telehealth and telework models
  3. Class action lawsuits change the playing field for financial impacts related to cyber events
  4. Breach trends and the escalation of hacking attacks on healthcare entities
  5. New privacy and security regulations and enforcement are steady despite political and social volatility
  6. Third-party vendor risk becomes a dominant focus for security programs
  7. Cloud security emerges as its own specialized security domain
  8. Enterprise risk reporting becomes the “must have” skill set for security leaders and programs
  9. Increased automation of security processes and capabilities
  10. Staffing shortages for cyber talent and the rise of managed security services
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