49 minutes | Jul 30th 2019

Apples Rotting in Gavin's Vault

In this episode, Bill turns the insecurity tables on Gavin with the iOS 13 keychain bug. The chaps also discuss insecure trains, remote code execution vulnerabilities in Atlassian, and how to publicly respond to a major outage. This episode also features David Wells, who talks about the recent vulnerability he discovered in Comodo AV.Rundownhttps://9to5mac.com/2019/07/15/ios-13-password-bug/Major software bug in IOS 13 beta reveals stored passwords without authenticationhttps://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/07/12/train_software_theftTrain software snaffled by employeehttps://www.corben.io/atlassian-crowd-rce/Multiple Atlassian Vulnerabilitieshttps://medium.com/tenable-techblog/an-exploit-chain-against-citrix-sd-wan-709db08fb4acMultiple vulnerabilities to pivot through the Citrix SD-WANhttps://www.tenable.com/press-releases/tenable-research-discovers-vulnerability-in-siemens-critical-infrastructure-designTenable research discover major weaknesses in Siemenshttps://qz.com/work/1666535/cloudflare-turned-outage-into-teaching-point-about-transparency/Cloudflare shows the right way to discuss a major public incident
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