39 minutes | Feb 23rd 2021

Food Delivery for Travelers!

One of the lasting impacts of covid has been the explosion of conveniences. After two decades of a steady reduction of services, conveniences and amenities, we are now seeing a shift from do-it-yourself to “done-for-you.” At the top of the list is the rapid delivery of both packages and food. So, where do opportunities still exist? The growth is likely to be away from the home and office.

In this week’s episode of The Customer Experience Advantage Podcast, I sit down with P.J. Mastracchio, one of the founders of At Your Gate airport food delivery. (Think of it as DoorDash at the airport.)

What’s fascinating about this conversation is the journey from concept to execution. A three-year journey from the first idea to the first delivery. It is a masterclass on the brutal reality of bringing a new concept to market, the investment of time, money and sweat to prove a concept, the complexity of navigating regulations, logistics and the nuance of persuasion, and finally the stamina it takes to deal with rejection, pandemics and economics. Just wait till you hear about how the business has grown! A very interesting interview with a really great guy.

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