64 minutes | Mar 21, 2021

March 28 2021 Luke 19: The Triumphal Entry

Becky's last time writing for a little while and she ends with a bang! Chris and Logan join in discussing the Triumphal Entry.

1. The Celebration of the Coming of the Son of David, The King, The Messiah. The world was "in turmoil"
2. Palm Sunday is supposed to be a moment of great joy.
3. Impressment. "The Lord has need of it. Jesus is the King.
4. The swelling of the population, everything is crazy
5.  Festivals and Ritual Gatherings have meaning. They are important to the community.
6. Passover Lamb is purposefully connected to Jesus and the Passover Feast--John the Baptist "Behold the Lamb of God."
7. The King riding on a donkey, the cloaks and palm branches connect Christ to the Messiah.  
8. King with the Power of God does not need to ride in with an earthly Army
9. Worshipping for an audience of one.
10. Welcome Christ at every moment, in church, in your heart.
11. Christ is both savior and Lord. Can not be seperated

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