59 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

April 11 2021 Luke 24: Truly Human, Truly Divine

Chris writes, Becky host, Logan joins the discussion over Luke 24. Jesus Reveals himself to two disciples on the walk to Emmaus. 

1. Luke presents Jesus as human and divine, the complete Messiah 

2. Jesus is Christ is more than a human moral teacher. 

3. Bad theology from the first century that continues today--Gnosticism and denying the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ 

4. Jesus is lifted up by the expositing of the scripture and the administration of the sacraments 

5. Apologetics 

6. Our teachings/evangelism/witnessing must be tied to the scriptures. 

7. Post resurrection stories are meant to prove the human/divine nature of Jesus Christ. 

8. Christ was a whole person, body and soul, in order to save body and soul and redeem the world. (material portions as well) 

9. The Messiah had to suffer and be lifted up. Jesus wasn't simply a person who tried to be nice to people and ended up getting killed. He was God's Messiah. 

10. Jesus redeems culture. Culture does not redeem Jesus 

11. Atonement theories 

12. What God intended, Christ accomplished. 

13. Because Christ accomplished God's purpose, we can preach the Gospel because it gives hope of transformation. 

14. Go and tell...witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ

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