41 minutes | Feb 4, 2021

Ep. 2: What's in A Name?

With CMT being inheritable, there are four ways that CMT can be inherited. These four ways are called the inheritance patterns. The inheritance patterns are confusing. The genetic mutations that cause CMT are confusing. There are so many types, each confusingly caused by a different confusing gene mutation. CMT is as confusing as it gets. For all the confusing variability of CMT, there's only a couple of things that don't change—there’s always an exception to the rule and CMT is inherently confusing. Amid all this confusion, there is an easy-to-follow method for keeping track of all the confusion. Episode 2: What’s in A Name explains all of the nuances, explains how everything is organized, and breaks down the CMT naming history into an easy to follow narrative. You can download the episode transcript for free at: https://thecryptidsloth.com/podcastThe Cryptid Sloth Show: Where CMT and Life Meet 
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