41 minutes | Apr 24th 2020

Episode #160 - Navigating The Future Way of Cruising with Emma Cruises

Welcome to episode #160!   We are so happy to have on our show another great interview for you.   YouTube Video Cruise Personality, Emma from "Cruising Isn't Just For Old People" shares with us her interesting research findings about how cruising might be changing due to COVID-19. In fact, she has a few extra things she shared on our show that was not in her video.    See Emma's video below!     We all know that the cruise industry is now in uncharted territory and we can expect lots of new requirements to cruises, ongoing health testings, cleaning procedures, social distancing  practices, seating arrangements, food handling and more.      As we navigate our way through these new practices, we wonder if this our "new normal" or are these going to be temporary? Will a vaccine revert us back to the times we loved and enjoyed?    What are your thoughts? What kind of changes do you expect? Let us know!    Be sure to follow Emma here:   Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Website     We hope you enjoy the show!   Keep On Cruising!   Tommy & Scott  
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