88 minutes | Jul 19th 2020

Ep 01 - Jersey Devils Pt 01 & Pickup on South Street

For our inaugural episode, you’ll find part one of the original crime fiction story Jersey Devils. It centers on Mitchell, a small-time hustler scraping a living together with petty theft in Asbury Park. 

But those days are behind him, because Mitchell has finally found his best scam yet. Because it isn’t even a scam... well, mostly it isn’t. All he has to do is drive.  

Mitchell buys in on a tractor trailer truck with a false floor and the promise of the open road it brings. Only problem is, he wasn’t counting on the type of cargo his new partner would be making him carry.

And after the story, Chris and Will talk about the (sort of) classic film noir movie Pickup on South Street starring Richard Widmark and Jean Peters as star-crossed, and grossly mismatched, lovers on the mean streets of New York City in the midst of communist intrigue. 

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