67 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

Episode 46 - Galaxy's Edge, The New Mutants, and TENET

The Credible Nerds review Galaxy's Edge and discuss what we liked about Galaxy's Edge and if there's a difference between Galaxy's Edge East (Disney World) and Galaxy's Edge West (Disneyland).

We talk about the latest movie news with Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, and The Batman. We discuss DC's Multiverse idea and what we think about this approach. We talk about Mulan being released on Disney+ Premiere - is this a good idea or no?

The Credible Nerds went to the theaters! We saw The New Mutants and TENET in theaters and we review these two movies and discuss what we like and dislike. 

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3 - New Movies Are Back in Theaters Finally

4 - The Credible Nerds Go To Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

5 - Latest Movie News - WW84, Black Widow, The Batman 

6 - DC's Multiverse

7 - Mulan on Disney+ Premier

8 - The New Mutants Review

9 - Tenet Inital Thoughts and Review

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