54 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

Ep 1: Finding and Leveraging Opportunities in Music Production with Laura Escudé

Ep 1: Finding and Leveraging Opportunities in Music Production with Laura Escudé We are living in an unprecedented time where COVID has forced many of us in music production to change our approach in finding opportunities. The live music scene has come to a screeching halt, day-to-day operations at studios face restrictions and a lack of in-person interactions have put limitations on creative collaboration and networking. In this episode of The Creator's Suite Podcast we are chatting with Laura Escudé. Based in Los Angeles, Laura Escudé is an artist, producer, innovator, entrepreneur and live show designer. Formerly known as ALLUXE (A-LUX), Laura Escudé is a Future Classical artist blending music, tech and consciousness. Escudé’s music synthesizes her skills as a classically trained violinist and her technical prowess as an avant-garde electronic producer. In addition to her music, Laura Escudé is the creator of The TransmuteTM Academy, the Founder of Electronic Creatives and she’s the first person to ever become an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2008. Some of her career highlights include designing shows for Kanye West and Jay Z, opening for Miguel on his 2015 Wildheart tour, building a thriving international business populated by top-tier professionals and developing premier educational programs accessed around the globe. With a deep understanding of complex technology, a profound passion for music and art and Escudé is well-versed in forging a music production career from an entrepreneurial approach. ____________ Follow and subscribe to The Creator's Suite: Find out more about The Creator's Suite at www.thecreatorssuite.com  Subscribe to The Creator's Suite on YouTube  Follow The Creator's Suite: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Follow our Hosts Abhita Austin: Instagram |  Twitter Josie Carr: YouTube | Website | Instagram 1 | Instagram 2  Karen Kieves: Instagram | Twitter  _____________ About The Creator's Suite Podcast 2.6% of pop music producers are women, but that doesn’t mean that women in music production don’t exist. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Creator’s Suite Podcast reveals the brilliance and boldness of women DJs, producers, and audio engineers while diving deep in discussions around music industry hot topics and premier technology. So gear up to have both sides of your brain stimulated as we come together to listen, learn, and harness our power. Hosted By: Abhita Austin, Josie Carr and Karen Kieves
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