133 minutes | May 8th 2020

Conversation with Brendan Davis - Creativity Roots - S3E26

Creativity Roots - Episode 26 by Ronald Paredes

Brendan Davis is a filmmaker, producer, consultant, and prolific podcaster with three active podcasts, Big Fish in The Middle Kingdom, How China Works, and If I Knew You Better, additionally he is involved in current film projects which includes three movies and in the creation process of a TV series of his own inspiration.

His name is included in the credits of several movies, short films, documentaries in roles that range from sound operator, acting, editor, writer, producer, and director. His most recent involvement in film projects is the newly released documentary film “Crazy Hot” in which he is a writer, and as producer in “My Favorite Season”, film that at the moment of releasing this episode its been nominated for best picture at the International Fashion Film Award 2020.


Brendan Davis at IMDb

Crazy Hot (Documentary)

Instagram: @brendankdavis


The music featured in this episode was: Damien Escobar

in a HipHop Violin Freestyle performance


IG: @dameesco

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